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You don’t need a background in the franchise business to become franchisee yourself. Franchising has become the world’s most successful business model because it meets the needs of people from all walks of life, giving them the tools they need to be their own boss, often in an entirely new field. Considering your natural talent, skills life experience, you’ve probably already got  lot to be confident about as you prepare for your franchising journey.

Canadian Business Franchise.

Trade Secrets, one of Canada’s largest and most successful chains of beauty product and salon service stores, is working with a whole new breed  of franchisees. Determined to make their mark early in life, many young people with entrepreneurial flair are foregoing college and university to get into franchising and run a business.

The Secrets to Our Successful Partnership

We aren’t just co-franchisees for Trade Secrets at Toronto’s Scarborough Town Centre, we are also close friends and sister-in-law. Having studied esthetics at college together and then managed our own spa, we’ve only grown closer over the years and we already knew we could work well together before we opened this franchise.